Pursuit of Happiness

I would just like to start off by saying a BIG thank you to everyone who has decided to follow my rambles, it means the world to me that you want to read my words 🙂 Thank you xx Now on to the post. This is going to be a little, well I want to... Continue Reading →

Day 3 & 4

Yesterday (day 3 of the water challenge) I again only drunk water, as of course that is the main purpose of this challenge, but i must admit with the weather getting more dank and dark I have recently felt the need for a nice warm drunk to cosy down with but I have been good... Continue Reading →

Day 2 of 9

Day 2 of the 9 day water challenge down. Today has been interesting with staying on track with my 9 day challenge. Today I was back at work and drinking water in replace of all other drinks has again been fine, snacking wise.....well that's defiantly an area I need to work more on, in regards... Continue Reading →

9 Day Water Challenge

Recently I watched a quick little video on YouTube which talked about the benefits of drinking water. Some of these benefits involve weight loss, youthful looking skin, cleansing the body by flushing all negative toxins out and many more. It mentioned in the video that if you replace all other drinks with water then you... Continue Reading →

Playing the victim

I want to apologise for my last post. It started off so promising and than it turned to negativity and self pity. For two long I've played the victim to my own life and situations, but lets clear some things up, everything I have done in my life has been 9/10 my choice. When I... Continue Reading →

I’m a dreamer

Like the title suggests, yes I am a dreamer, aren't we all? I'm so much of a dreamer however that I actually live in fairy tale land, ok that's an exaggeration I definitely do not live is Story Brook, but I do tend to live my life by story standards. FRIENDSHIPS LIKE FRIENDS When I... Continue Reading →


I would say I am quit a creative person. As a child I liked to draw, I would build dens in my room, I loved to cook (well bake mostly) and I even from an early age wrote stories. When I got into my 20s I started doing photography and learning photoshop, and now I'm... Continue Reading →

Having a quarter life crisis

We have all heard the term midlife crisis but has anyone heard of quarter life crisis? well wikipedia states that, "quarter life crisis is a crisis involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one's life, which is most commonly experienced in a period ranging from a persons twenties up to their mid-thirties" Well that... Continue Reading →

Falling Colour

The Month of Halloween........ I love this time of year, the leaves changing colour and showing us it is ok to let things go. This is also the time of year when the nights get longer and colder, fireworks will be lighting up the skies, the C word is already on everyone's mind and on... Continue Reading →

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