Well it’s a new year and with every new year we feel obligated to make this year our year, and one of the ways we do this is by setting resolutions. Some are realistic but most not so much…

My new year resolutions last year were

  1. Be healthier, build on strength and flexibility (I can safely say I didn’t do this, and yet again its on my list)
  2. Try read 12 books (I managed seven so again this is on my list)
  3. Work on my other YouTube channel (this I did do, well sorta I started it but still need to do more)
  4. work on self (still have a lot to work on but I did take the steps to a happier me)
  5. Mini break with friends (didn’t happen and no longer friends with them)
  6. Manager money (ermm nope I’m still crap with money)

Needless to say I didn’t really succeed in my resolutions last year, but this year the are my GOALS so that obviously means there more manageable, right? guess only time will tell.

I did however create a video with all my goals stated within and hopefully this will keep me accountable

Anyway I want to know from you guys.

Have you set any resolutions/goals this year, and do you think you’ll achieve them this year?

x Kayleigh x

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