So since January I have seen this hashtag on Instagram and although for a lot people it’s all about appearances I find it quit a good hashtag because I feel we forget to reflect on how far we have actually come so here’s my #10yearschallenge post

So I actually did post these pictures on my Instagram account but here I am going to go more in depth about what actually has changed between the two pics

Picture 1 – 2009


In this picture I was about to turn 20 years old. I was engaged to my then boyfriend and I was living with him in his mum’s flat. This image was taken by a photographer recommended to my by a friend at the time. I was thinking of joining the site model mayhem just so I could have some nice images to look back on more than anything, and probably to make myself feel better within my skin. At this point in my life I developed depression. I was unemployed and my aim was to become a mother by the age of 25, as well as having a place of my own and preferably a enjoyable job.

A lot changed.

Over the next ten years or so I broke up with that boyfriend, tried various ways of combating my depression (which I will forever have), released I also had a problem with obsession, moved back home, lost friends, got a degree in Bsc Archaeology, got a job I enjoyed and aimed for, lost more friends and joined the world of online social media.

Picture 2 – 2019


This picture is a selfie that I took in January and this year I turn 30. As you can see physically not much has really changed. But life in general has.

I am again single, I broke off my relationship so I could go travel the world (he didn’t want to come with), I’ve lost interest in the job I got and I’m now in limbo as to what I want to do job wise. This year however has still only just begun and I plan on doing a lot of good stuff for myself. I hope to work on myself physically and mentally (mostly mentally), I have walked away from things that no longer serve me (I’m no longer taking anyone’s crap) and I hope by the end of the year things will be moving in a good direction. Oh and I also plan to write my book and look into how to get it published, exciting times 🙂

But over all it has been very interesting to reflect on how much my ideals have changed and how far I’ve come. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the current situations and I’m guilty of always looking back at the bad, or looking way into the future to staying sad in the present. This is something I’m trying to change. Because in all fairness our past has taught us, today we’re learning and tomorrow doesn’t even exist….so over all it’s pointless getting lost in it all.

Anyway I love to hear from you about this #10yearschallenge. Did you take part in it? Do you like to reflect over how much has or hasn’t changed? please let me know 🙂

x Kayleigh x


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