What I learnt from an argument


Now the title above may give the impression that I had an argument and manage to learn and grow from it….well sorta

Recently I went away with my cousin’s on a little trip to Europe. We visited Brussels and Rome and to start off with the trip was rather nice, we had chosen a good time to go the weather was lovely and I was having new experiences of staying in hostels, we even had a fun first night in Brussels together. Things changed by the second night, so instead of going out again I decided to stay at the hostel and read, you know each to there own and still all was well.

We then moved onto Rome and in the second hostel I got to talking to a few of the other people there finding I’m liking meeting new people, first official day in Rome my cousin had ago at me saying I was talking to her and her sister like shit, that I do it to all my family members and that she was sick of it, so nodded and I walked off.

Now hear me out. I know it must seem really childish to just walk off after an argument but it was either that or try and explain why I might be talking to them like shit, bearing in mind I don’t even realize I do this. But all the things that might be the reason I’m talking to them like shit has already been said and I didn’t want to have to explain it all again about the the internal struggles I was having and have been having for months.

While I walked away I diverted from the path back to the hostel and got myself some tea, afterwards I then had a walk about and ultimately got lost, but I got to see Rome at night and it was lovely all lit up.


The second day I decided to go exploring on my own and this was when I started learning new things

1> The underground is quit easy to follow as long as you know the name of the location your going and if you simply ask. Even in another country where you might not know the language

2> Having day’s on your own are better than being with people, because you can take your sweet time and see things that others might never even been interested in. Don’t get me wrong being with people can also be enjoyable but you have to accommodate for others and there interests. So it may be selfish but remember the trip is yours also so why not do what you want to do?

3> Your free to meet new people. This was a big one for me. I befriended a girl who shared my hostel room with us, got talking with her and then we went out for tea together. It was wonderful, we laughed, we drank, we shared our woes and then I added her on Facebook so we can be bestie’s for ever more, lol. But she also told be some very interesting things because she travels alone all the time and she’s not stopping any time soon which I admire. For example she said always wear headphones even if there off because that way people are less likely to bother you, or you can easily ignore people.

The other things I learnt is

It’s scary being on your own, I ain’t going to lie it is. People try and target you more to try and sell there crap like I had this guy ask my name so I gave it, he then rambled on and asked my name again which I then gave a fake name because quite simply he didn’t care what came out of my mouth just what might come out of my purse. Being on your own is also rubbish when your having a meal and you need to loo…

Even though that’s only a small selection of things I learnt this time round, it was a nice intro into my later travel plans. As I hope to go traveling for up to two months later this year.

So that is what I learnt from having an argument with my cousin. We’re good again now but I don’t think I’m going to travel with her again or at least not any time soon because what I also learnt was I am very different to her for many reason, but mostly because unlike her I am an only child and I guess I’ve lived quite a sheltered life.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever gone traveling on your own and if so what did you learn?

x Kayleigh x

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