My Travel Bucket list

*Disclaimer the images used are not mine, obviously*

I am sure everyone has a bucket list of places they want to go, things the want to do etc so I’ve decided to share with you mine

  1. Egypt – I have wanted to go here since I watched the 1999 film The Mummy with Brendan Fraser. I just liked the history and mystery about the place (plus I wanted to be Evie when I grew up) so hopefully one day I’ll get to goday2_nyt_cai119_img_0394
  2. Africa – Mainly to go on a real African safari and to experience the different culture africa-safari-Cover1
  3. U.S.A – I would love to do a drive through America and experience Salam as well as many other places, again for the history
  4. New Zeland – Now I mostly want to go to see the beauty of the place but to also be a geek and go on the Lord of the Rings tour because why not eh? m5nyctpicqm51isnut6v.jpg
  5. Norway – what can I say except Vikings, wolves and the Northern lights Northern-lights-good
  6. Japan – 100% because of the culture. I want to see a real Japanese Geisha and see there gardens and temples, history, culture, beauty japan.jpg
  7. Athens, Greece – I love archaeology and history, Athens like Pompi (which I have been to) is just one of the most go places, plus I would love to see things like the temple of Zeus 🙂 Parthenon-temple-with-spring-flowers-on-the-Acropolis-in-Athens-Greece-min

I mostly want to see all the world if I can as I am sure there are loads of little places out there that I wouldn’t even know about, unless I went on a tour or something.

Where are some of the places you want to go to? and why? 🙂

Happy Traveling

x Kayleigh x


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