My Love of Edinburgh

This is my second time coming to the Scottish city of Edinburgh and it feels like coming home. I first came to Edinburgh in May 2017 and I just simply fell in love with the place. Now I am not really a city fan as I can’t really cope with loads of people, but Edinburgh isn’t like that. It’s a city yes, and of course it brings a lot of tourists but its quite in comparison to say London, and that’s why I like it here so.

As I write this I am currently sat in my hotel room internally debating whether or not I should go and get myself some tea, I think my stomach will answer for me before long.

I am back in Edinburgh to deal with paperwork for my BIG trip coming up and tonight is my last night. Today has been one magical day and I mean that literally because I went on a Harry Potter walking tour and just the whole day has been Harry Potter and magic related, but Edinburgh has more interests than the fact that J K Rowling came to stay and wrote her books here, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas can also be connected to other things of interest like the avengers, outlander, and so on. But the city it’s self is a marvel before marvel was even a thing. The city has a lot of history, beautiful architecture, (Scottish shops) and it is these things all tied together that make me love this city so much.



Here are just a few images I have taken while on this trip. I have take loads of history pictures because I am a history nut and I have taken a load of magic images today including a potion you can make (cocktail), but if you are ever in Scotland and your not too far from Edinburgh I would defiantly recommend you go and see this lovely city, even just for a day, there is something for everyone 🙂

Link to my video of this trip is here

Happy Traveling

x Kayleigh x


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