Trip in three parts

Part one: Russia

I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to go on a BIG trip. Mostly because there are lots a places I want to go, so the plan was find the big trip, quit the job and off I go. I booked with a company called G Adventures and they ticketed my boxes and then some. I found going on a toured trip more convent, plus on the tour trips they take you to places that you might never even have thought of and the added bonus is you get to meet new people, win win.

So here I am currently writing this up in Moscow. The three trips I decided on were Russia which is about 14 days, then china for like 10 days and then my main one is Thailand which is going to be around 30 odd days.

With each separate trip I know I am going to have a bunch of separate experiences. Already I have found that I like being on my own to meet new people (instead of being with family), that I am finding people who on my wavelength and I am also learning that the odd day I am on my own is refreshing. All the people are of different age ranges but I have learnt for my current trip I am actual the baby of the trip (except for the tour guides).

It is currently day four and I am not going to lie my legs are knacked from walking around so much (another reason for having the day to myself lol), I am then going to be on a train for four days, then we entre Mongolia and later to China. I am looking forward to the future adventures we have yet to have, and as much as I am looking to my other trips all ready this one feels as though its ending which is sad because the people are grand. But what I have learnt so far on the trip is

  1. Pack EVERYTHING. With the fact I am going to three different places I actually have more luggage which is annoying but you have to be prepared. You also need to pack stuff for the trains because not all of them provided food or showers (fun times)
  2. Be open to meet new people and new experiences. I am loving the people I am with because everyone is just laugh, however there are a few who keep themselves to themselves which is a shame but each to there own. And as for experiences so far I have tried some different foods which haven’t actually been that bad.
  3. Just have a laugh
  4. All you have to do is ask. Asking is not going to hurt you, for example the underground is quit difficult to follow as the wording in Russia is symbols but I asked before hand and now I feel like a pro of the underground lol
  5. Act as though you belong. Since being in Moscow I am sure I have made it obvious that I am a tourist however on my first day exploring I merrily went around at my own pace just going where I wanted without asking people for anything and I haven’t really been pestered. However I can’t speak for other places I guess but here at least things have been fine 🙂

But as my trip goes on I am sure I will learn more and more things just like I did when I went to Rome at the beginning of the year



Since I’ve been in Moscow I have seen St Basils Cathedrial at day and Night, I have gone to a far few museums including the History of vodka museum and I have tried some new foods 🙂 bring on the next destination

Video of trip here

Happy Traveling

x Kayleigh x

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