Travel and Me

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I travel I have found that I am a completely different person to who I am when I am at home.

I feel more free and I am enjoying life (which is a given), but I also find that I no longer care about what others think of me, I am not as insecure as I am when I am at home.

Why is that? well I think its because I am somewhere new and I basically can create a whole new person. A person who is strong and confident. A person who is up for anything.

Since being on the first half of my trip I have done a lot of firsts such as going on a hover boat, walked on a frozen lake, tobogganed down the great wall of china. I have even tried new foods like cows tongue and a scorpion. I have been able to use chopsticks without much thought.




I have been able to be a better version of me, a me who is up for anything (within reason), a me who it trying to not let fear stop her, a me that is just going with the flow and isn’t thinking of the past or the future, but who instead is trying to be in the now.

Travel is freeing because you are breaking the route, you are in a new setting with new people. I find it very interesting that back home the version of ourselves holds us back or at least that’s what’s happened with me. Back home I am insecure, scared of new things and stuck in a rut, and one of the reasons I find I struggle to change this is because people know me. But the fact is that isn’t entirely true, yeah I have my friends and family who know me, but that person across the street doesn’t know me, that shop assistant doesn’t know me, that little old lady at the bus stop who just wants to talk about the day doesn’t know me just like everyone in a new place doesn’t know me. So why do we stop our own development or our true selves when no one knows us? well because its safe and familiar.

However I am done with safe and familiar I want to be free and the only person who can help with that is myself.


So my plan now is to hold onto me, the new me, the up for anything me and hopefully bring her home when the time comes.

Do you feel like this? and what do you do to be your true self?

x Kayleigh x

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