End of trip 2 and into 3

My second part of my BIG trip was China. That’s all I have to say….

China was very busy but the whole experience was interesting. I got to see the culture and the beautiful architecture, China has a lot of different things to see and do and to be quite honest the place is relevantly easy to navigate around. The things I learnt while there was

  1. Become one of the locals, like I said in my last travel post becoming one of the locals, as long as you walk around like you live in the place people don’t really bother you. I even had some people actually help me out when they noticed I was a little lost
  2. Chopsticks, before this trip I was crap at using chopsticks I think mostly because I over thought it, but in China (and other Asian countries) you either use chopsticks or be uncivilised and use your hands?, I would opt for the chopsticks. Now you might not be Mr Miyagi but you’ll be able to get by.
  3. People are rude, you will find that Chinese people are rather rude, they push and are scarily glued to their phones. Oh and they WILL try and stealth pictures of you, but sometimes they ask for you picture too.
  4. Google Translator App,  This App helped a lot when I was needing help or ordering things, although nearly everyone in China has a translator app on their phones it is good to also have one, especially one that you can talk to as well as write on.
  5. It is over crowded, you know when your on the London underground it can get mad at rush hour, well believe me London is nothing in comparison to China (and I’ve been told Japan is even worse) people cram into the carriages of the trains, personal space what’s that? it doesn’t exist in China, people cram into everything even museums, shops you name it people are everywhere, its crazy.

But saying this I did enjoy elements of Beijing and Shanghai, like the beautiful gardens and architecture of the historical builds, even the history its self. I got a chance to go one part of the great wall and see one of the things on my list the terracotta warriors so I can’t complain 🙂


The day I ended my trip in China I didn’t have time to process it, I was instantly on a flight to start trip number 3 my final trip.

My first destination was Cambodia…

Video of my trip to China can be found here

Happy Traveling

x Kayleigh x


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