Home Again

So I have finally made it back to the UK after two months and a bit of traveling, and let me tell you it doesn’t feel like I left at all.

I was very optimistic the first day back and I think that was mostly to do with tiredness, but as the days have gone by I’ve pretty much gone back to who I was before I left, but to be honest I spoke to a friend about this predicament and they said basically that the reason why is not because I don’t want to be more optimistic or anything but rather nothing at home has changed, I’m still in the same place I was before I left just poorer. So with that in mind I’m setting out to change things as quickly as the universe will allow.

  • I am currently on the hunt for a job, a job that’s going to give me a liveable and consistent wage (I feel I’m asking too much)
  • I hope I move out of my fokes place and into my own before the year ends (the consistent wage will help with that)
  • I have things to look forward too so I’m not feeling trapped and bored with life
  • I am getting a new workout plan as I want to try and look after myself more, especially as I am feeling better in my skin (weekly fitness plan 2x gym, 1 class)
  • I am focusing on me

So hopefully with these aims in mind I will try and improve my life as much as I can until things start falling into place.

But now a little re-cap my last destination on my BIG trip was Thailand, and let me tell you Thailand is a beautiful place and caters for you, if your into parties Thailand has Islands for that, if you want to see temples, oh Thailand’s got them if you simply want to chill and enjoy the beautiful weather you go for it, I really liked Thailand while I was there it is just a shame I wasn’t there longer.

So what have a learnt while on this grand adventure?

I have learnt that I am a person that needs to be FREE, free to live life the way I choose, free to meet new people, free to feel comfortable with doing things on my own, free to be creative, free to simply be me…


If you ever decided to go to Thailand I was 100% recommend it, if you are thinking of going on a solo holiday all I have to say to you is DO IT! obviously please be safe, but also don’t be afraid to get yourself out there because the experience is magical

Happy Traveling

Link to my travel Vlog is here

x Kayleigh x

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