Book about me?

I have decided I would like to write I autobiography. Maybe about my travels, maybe about what I have learnt in the last 30 years. Would anyone read it? that’s the question.

I have about four stories on the go in my head, stories that at least for two of them I would like to see them one day being published. But I am also thinking about maybe writing a autobiography. Am I really so self involved that I think people would like to read my story? and what will the story teach at the end? as I like the idea of someone learning something from my experiences. Maybe I am getting a head of myself. I see a lot of YouTuber’s who have written autobiographies or memoirs what ever you want to call them, and it is not like there isn’t an audience out there for that sort of content.

I have actually read some autobiographies with a twist which I really enjoyed such as

  • How to be a Heroine by Samantha Ellis which is about her life through the books that inspired her growing up. It starts off with her arguing with a friend about whether she is a Jane as in Jane Eyre or a Cathy from Wuthering heights, and from that argument she goes back through the books that inspired her.
  • Eat, Prey, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert A book said to be praised by women everywhere. This book is about Elizabeth’s year of travel after breaking it off with her husband, its about her own spiritual journey she went on while living in Italy, India and Bali.
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is about Gretchen trying to improve her life, making it even happier within a year. The book chapter’s are by month with each month focusing on a different area where her happiness could be improved.

But how do I go about telling my story? would me story even be interesting to people? If I do decided to write my story should I focus on a specific area? so many question I have. But I guess the ultimate answer is just write it, write, write, write because if nothing else it will be good practice. If I feel that the end result would be good as a book then I guess I can go about getting it published. I wonder did the same worries go through the other authors above heads? probably.

One idea for a autobiography title I had was T.R.I.P standing for (Travel, reason, inspiration and personal growth) mostly focused on my recent travels, another idea was my life is NOT a movie, mostly focusing on the fact I am a dreamer and often compare my life to films/stories. So it is something I have been thinking about a lot of late, but still I hesitate because as stated above I am worried that no one will be interested in what I have to say. My life I feel is just, well…normal, but I guess everyone has a story to tell.

I would like to know though, do you like autobiographies? if so what autobiographies would you recommend? would you want your story published? I really would like to know as this has been bouncing around in my head for some time now.

Thank you

x Kayleigh x

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