Self Care

We all deserve some self care from time to time, but what does it actually mean?

Well looking on the great web I found a link to another blogger (link here), who quite plainly said “Taking care of yourself is subjective, and is only something you can define for yourself”, guess I should have already known this, however I like some guidance. But when ever I’ve watched videos or seeked out info on how to take care of myself, I always find the same advice. Go get pampered, workout, eat healthily and although these are very good tips, they don’t help in the long run (well fitness and a good diet will). It also doesn’t take into mind your everyday life or mental state.

The reason I am writing this is because recently I found I haven’t been taking care of myself, I have been sitting at a computer job hunting or editing videos which is productive, however I found I hadn’t showered in a couple of days (I now have), I haven’t socialised with anyone other than family for nearly a month, I haven’t taken the time to really enjoy the lovely weather we have been having, I have just been sat at a computer doing “work”. Right now going for a pamper sesh is the last thing on my mind, I lack motivation to work out and as for the food, junk gives me the boost I need.

But saying that I’m finding my body is getting weak and sick, and my mental health is crashing around me without me even fulling knowing why.

Earlier in the year I posted a video talking about the steps I had taken to look after myself and these were

  1. Cutting negative people out
  2. Skin Care routine
  3. Looking after body (working out / Healthy eating)
  4. Reading more
  5. Shifting self talk
  6. and the big one making a sacrifice to better myself aka so I could travel

I can safely say recently I haven’t been doing any of these thing, as stated above. So now I am having to re-think how to take care of myself. Well for starters actually take care of myself, and this means maybe giving myself a little morning routine regardless of having a job or not, if anything this should prompt me even more to get myself into a routine.

So this new routine will consist of

  1. Wake up and Make bed
  2. Have a shower / wash
  3. Eat a filling breakfast (energy)
  4. Go to / do work
  5. Read new and varied books (knowledge is power)
  6. Truly try and relax
  7. Get out into nature

It sounds so simple and yet when I am having my down days something this simple can be a chore. So I guess taking care of yourself really is something that depends on your definition of self care.

x Kayleigh x

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