Choose Reused

I have started following a fair few reused/reloved/charity based profiles on Instagram, why? well because I want to be more mindful of what I buy.

Now I am not one for fashion, I tend to like a trend after it is no longer a trend, and I like clothes that are either too young for me or too old for me, then there is the discouraged feeling I get when I like an item of clothing that doesn’t either fit or they don’t have in my size, clothes shopping is horrible.

But I wanted to show that you can find lovely items at more affordable prices on the high street, if you know which street to look down.

Charity Shops/Thrift Stores

Now going to charity shops is nothing new for me I’ve been going for years, but I mostly come out with books (because I am a book theen). But I will show you some of the lovely pieces I got recently.


The first look is idea for work, it’s smart and not your stereotypical black trousers, instead I am wearing a plum top and grey trousers which are next but I got both these items from a charity shop in Morley, Leeds. The second look is a polka dot dress from a charity shop in my home town, unfortunately I don’t know if the cut and style look a little old and obviously it doesn’t do anything for my figure. The third look is a cold shoulder top originally Jane Norman but found in a charity shop again in my home town.

All pre-owned and all came to a total under Β£20. If I had bought these all new I don’t know how much it would have come to. By shopping in charity shops your saving money, saving waste and your money will go to a good cause, all because you liked that top or found a book you had been hunting for, to steal Tesco’s punch line ever little helps. I have gotten many items of clothing from charity shops that I love, like I have a yellowΒ  Β  t-shirt originally from select but I found in a charity shop, and I have also worn things from charity shops and then re-donated them when I have no more use for them.

But a side from charity shops you can also go to a

  • Flea Market’s/Car Boot’s

or if you have siblings, friends or other family members having a clear out get some

  • Hand-Me-Downs

Or you could buy material and make your own stuff if you are handy with a sewing machine (although that can be pricier).

The idea being to spend less on fast fashion, and re-use the items already there, I know its an old idea but old is coming back in, especially fashion. Why buy a new flowery 60’s style dress when your mum or grandma might still have the original in her wardrobe?

So just a quick message to say shop smarter, help organisations and help cut waste.

X Kayleigh X

#choosereused #prelovedpretties

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