Tarot Reading & Beliefs

I would say I am quit a spiritual person and I believe/follow a lot of different things, all for different reasons. I follow the science behind everything the big bang, the creation of man kind it is not something to dispute with, its actual factual information as to how we have become, however over the years I found having nothing to believe in actual brought me down, I felt lost and with no path. How could science explain my feelings of lost and hopelessness (I know that science can explain that, it is all chemical and mental but science doesn’t feel personal unlike a belief)

I follow Buddhismcad172334d4ddc52f9fdfd6f4f17a378 for it is all about spiritual enlightenment and self discovery. And different Buddha statues represent different things, for example this picture represents being grounded because his hand is pointing to the ground.

I follow Wicca 6ce910204e85fb0d1c600da4326c6976for it is all about respecting the planet and the life that inhabits it. Wicca is one of the only beliefs that I have gone back and forth on. I first got into Wicca when I was in my late teens as I felt I needed guidance and a path.

I believe in star signs zodiac-circle-with-astrology-symbols-eps-vector_csp38050781and how they reflect personalities, I will say I am a tad skeptical about this belief however, for example an Aquarius and a cancer shouldn’t be compatible but I was in a five year relationship with an Aquarius, where is they say a cancer and a Scorpio are more fitting, I went on a date with a Scorpio and nothings happened since, so yeah I believe to an extent.

I follow the law of attraction. 60fcdbb6b15814c70feeb1845719822dNow this is something I got into about two years ago because of a YouTuber I follow mentioned she also follows it, and it has done wonders for her and her life. She also explained although the concept is easy the execution isn’t. When following the law of attraction you must ask the universe for the things we want and with the aid of visualization and commitment to that path eventually you will receive the wants you asked for, and 9 times out of 10 what you receive is far more rewarding than the visualization. I firmly believe that this works, I asked the universe for things like the chance to go traveling, and the chance to meet certain people and the universe delivered. I have gone traveling for a few months this year, something I have never even been in a position to do prier to this year, and I am going to be meeting David Tennant at the end of the year, someone I have been dying to meet for years.

Lastly I also on occasion do tarot reading, mostly to see where I am going with my life. When ever I have done tarot I mostly go for the most simple spread which is past, present and future, but recently I decided to try a different spread now this one isn’t an over view you actual ask it a question, and the spread I chose was the cross. will I find my forever person, the one ❤️.jpg

what the spread basically represents in again past, present and future but it also represents where your currently at, what you are doing to achieve your question and when things are about the happen. For example the top card said to me that this will start happening in the near future, and the middle card basically said you are on the right path to your goal, the card to the far side said things are looking up and keep doing what your doing. A very positive reading.

Believing in something I feel gives us purpose, for some it also gives guidance. I am not a religious person, I don’t particularly like organised religions, I don’t like being told what to do or that I am bad or wrong because I didn’t do something on a certain day, or what ever but I appreciate that for others religion has been a life line, a welcome savior and I can’t condole the good that they do for people, I myself just don’t believe in a god and firmly believe that no one religion or belief fits all. Most of the things I believe are simple but also I have to make a conscious effort to work with them, work on myself, help my surroundings, etc.

But I want to know what do you believe in if anything? and how does that belief make you feel? (good I hope)

Until next time

x Kayleigh x


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