Falling Colour

The Month of Halloween……..

I love this time of year, the leaves changing colour and showing us it is ok to let things go. This is also the time of year when the nights get longer and colder, fireworks will be lighting up the skies, the C word is already on everyone’s mind and on our tellies, and the vial between this world and the next is at it’s weakest.

I love Halloween, bon fire night heck even Christmas, because even though it does get darker earlier, I love the comfort that it brings. I love homey comfort foods like soup, and stew, I love it even more when we do get closer to Christmas because everywhere looks pretty and people even though stressed with it all tend to be more optimistic and kinder (thought we should be that year round).

I find it interesting how seasons can effect us, though it should be of no surprise as we are apart of nature no matter how big our homes are, or how technological everything is becoming, we still crave the outside. A lot of people crave the sun hence they will go away in the summer, I love the middle ground as I don’t like being too hot or being too cold, I like when the weather is warm enough to go out and enjoy it but also cool enough to require a comfy coat, I love my feet crunching in the fallen leaves, where the colour looks sun kissed.


I love Halloween, the costumes, the parties, but I also love the supernatural element to it. How we practice pagan traditions to keep us safe, such as carving a pumpkin to put in the window. We make pumpkin pie and have all the pumpkin things, or at least I do. I love that we cuddle up in bed or on the sofa scaring ourselves with horror movies, there is nothing better. Or at least for me there isn’t.

This year I am going to a masquerade ball for Halloween, something I have wanted to do for years, what I am going as I am not going to say, but I am very excited. The ball will have dinner and dancing, and drinks served by zombies. Also this month I am bringing out a Halloween sketch I have wanted to bring out for over a year, happy days but also this month I have been reading The Shinning by Stephen King. 🙂 If I could I would deck my house out in Halloween decorations all month, like you decorate your home for Christmas, but currently that is not an option for me.

I am a believe of spirits and love everything to do with the supernatural. But what about you. What are you doing for Halloween? are you as excited for it as I am? what time of the year is your favorite? please let me know in the comments.

Happy Halloween…

x Kayleigh x

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