Having a quarter life crisis

We have all heard the term midlife crisis but has anyone heard of quarter life crisis?

well wikipedia states that, “quarter life crisis is a crisis involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life, which is most commonly experienced in a period ranging from a persons twenties up to their mid-thirties”

Well that sums me up in a nutshell really.

Since last September 2018 my life has been all up in the air (well it was like that before September if I am honest with myself) but we’ll start with September. Before September I was on the verge of buying a house, a VERY big step and while looking around the house a side from thinking this is a tad small I began to mentally panic, because if I bought a house it would mean I was trapped and couldn’t go traveling like I have wanted since 2013 (maybe even before then), so just before filling in any paper work I changed my mind on buying the property. From this moment everything started to change and rapidly, I had a mental break down on my birthday to the point that I couldn’t physically get out of bed because everything felt so heavy, it was horrible and I hope I don’t have to experience that ever again. I fell and cut out my oldest friend because quite frankly she wasn’t a good friend, I also broke off my long term relationship with my then boyfriend in September.

Months have now gone by and still I am feeling lost. So at the beginning of this year I booked myself a two month trip away (this changed too, originally I wanted to be away for one year, then six months and then it came down to my current time)

So I am now unemployed, and going off on the 4th April to Russia to begin with then I’ll be going on to China, and finally I will be heading to Thailand (one of the places I have been wanting to go to for a while). I hope I come back from this trip knowing more about myself and maybe even feeling enlightened and inspired, who knows but lets just say this two month trip is going to be my mini Eat, Pray, Love experience. Hopefully.

doodle-arrow-clip-art-png-drawing-doodle-clipart-f0a9018b2d0261fdSince writing the above my life has taken a better turn, I am now employed in a field I have been wanting to go into for a few years now, I have decided to rebuild bridges with family members and the friend I walked away from last year. Although our relationship will never be the same again, I now know where the friendship stands and I also know to not expect too much from it, and since I have learnt that I have felt better. My trip or trips away did me the world of good. Not only did I see beautiful places and have unforgettable experiences, I also learnt that I can enjoy my time on my own. I am also growing to love myself and my life more, I have been practicing the law of attraction and learning that if you want things to improve in your life you need to look at it in a better light, because at the end of the day only you have control over your life and the choices you make.

So needless to say since March/April time when I first started writing this article and debating whether or not I wanted to post it, I have been doing a lot better. Of course there are still some struggles I am trying to over come, but I have come along way since the start of this post, heck even the start of this year and I feel a big chunk of that is down to my travels and my attitude to life.

x Kayleigh X

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