Christmas Goodness

Well hello there, and welcome to the month of December, the month of Christmas.

I really love Christmas and everything associated with it, but mostly the food and drink lets be honest here lol, but like everyone I have Christmas traditions that me and my family do each year, or rather we have a list of films that we must watch every Christmas, and songs we must blast out each year and those Christmas movies are

  • Miracle on 34th street
  • Scrooged
  • Jingle all the way
  • Santa Claus
  • Muppet’s Christmas Carol

and for my mum she also needs to watch Mrs Miracle every year and for me I LOVE the holiday, wish I could watch that every day, which I suppose I technically can but still.

But this year I heard on the classic FM a Christmas tip by gardener/presenter Alan Titchmarsh. He said when going for a Christmas tree this year go for one that doesn’t drop needles and look after it. In order to do a more sustainable Christmas he said, cut the bottom by an inch, and water it regularly, then when Christmas is over keeping it in its pot put compost around it and plant it in the garden making sure you look after it thought out the year, so when Christmas rolls around again you already have a tree waiting for its Christmas look.

I thought this was a really good tip especially as I have been trying to be good in other areas of my life with helping with the environment etc, for example trying to stay on top of having sustainable fashion, being more money cautious, even reducing my meat intake by having meatless Mondays.

I also try to do good by others such as donating to charities and I try to do this throughout the year, but its also just as important at Christmas if not more so because people forget that there are others out there who are having a shit time of it while your out buying the biggest, best gifts for loved ones, eating till you pop etc.

But these at the end of the day our my thoughts. I believe that goodness shouldn’t be a one time of year thing but something we should strive to do everyday, all year.

Spruce Tree branch on Wood Background

But another thing I have learnt about Christmas very recently is that everywhere in the world celebrates differently and on different days, for example I have a friend from Germany and she celebrates on the 24th rather than the 25th December, and if you think about it even though Christmas is a christian tradition, every faith has a Christmas, it just has a different date and name and I think that is awesome 🙂

But what are your thoughts on Christmas? do you even celebrate it? please let me know in the comments

Happy Holidays everyone

I wonder what 2020 will bring 🙂

x Kayleigh x

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