Learning something from Girl Online

Books. What more can I say?, they are powerful things.

I love the power a book holds. It can transport you off to a magical world, where you can become a wizard or a hobbit or a mother of dragons. Books have to power to make us laugh and cry, they have the power to teach and scare, and they also have the power to help you look at your own life in a different light, whether its because of the characters journey or simply because they make a statement that hits home, and last year I read a book that did exactly that. (Well I read multiple books that did that, but here for this post I am focusing on one of them)


Last year I finished reading Girl Online on Tour, I know it is technically for kids / young adults book but that’s not the point, there was one chapter in particular where the character wrote a blog post that really resonated with me, (which I suppose is the point, heck the whole story seems somewhat true to my life at current.)

But basically she does a blog post about living your life for you and you alone. In the story Penny the main character writes “We all have one life, and we can choose how we want to live it. It’s important to realize that, no matter what anyone else says or how people may try to influence the way you do things, it’s ultimately down to you.” and it goes on, but basically even though we probably all know this, and like I said this book is primarily aimed at children / young adults, it was something I needed to hear or read rather. Because I AM too easy influenced by the people surrounding me. I am constantly going back and forth on the things I want to do, because of contradicting information that I get told, mostly by my mum.

So I had to sit and think, what do I truly want to do with my life?, what is it that I really want? what will ultimately make my life more enjoyable and happy?, what can I do to get to those aims/goals? etc

The answer at current is, I am still working on it, because I am forever a work in progress.

But I was starting to learn last year, and am still learning this year, that my life is my own and I should keep doing the things I enjoy, or even do things that take me out of my comfort zone. Because for too long I wouldn’t do the things I really wanted to because I had no one to go or do them with, and even though my friendships haven’t changed as such I have now starting to go FUCK IT! If I wanted go out then I need to meet new people to go out with, if I want to travel then I should just book the trip and go, because why should I waste my life waiting for other people?

So this year I have so many plans. I hope to book trips to Scotland because I have learnt I can go on walking tours up there that involve nature and history, two things I love. I plan to go to Munich because a friend of mine lives there, plus I have never been before. I plan to focus more on my hobbies, and my studies.

I ultimately want to start living my best life, instead of allowing other people to stop that, whether they mean to or not. I want to become the Tomb Raider I know that I am 🙂


(Basically Lara Croft, Tomb Raider has been my role model / aim since I was a kid, because she is educated, strong and fearless)

x Kayleigh x

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