My 5 year Plan

I am 100% the kind of person who likes to plan. I plan events and outings and I am always wanting to do something, or go somewhere. But I am going to be honest with you when it comes to my life I haven’t ever really sat down and gone, ok what do I want my life to be in X amount of years?, what are my goals?, where do I see myself? and what can I do to put my onto that path?

When it comes to my actual life I either have BIG goals like I want get married one day, I want to be a parent, I want to own a property or I just float from one moment to the next never really having a clear focus, and one of the reasons why this is, is because when I was younger I was like when I turn 25 I start having kids, or I will pass my driving next year, and every time these goals weren’t full filled I felt like a failure. So I’ve stopped making dated plans, instead I have gone I would like to do this event sometime.

So why am I deciding to do a 5 year plan if it doesn’t work for me? well basically I have been watching a video on the subject by Hannah Witton , and she talks about the plan not being written in stone, and if anything it reflects what you want NOW, so ultimately helping you to try and stay on track. She also did this by making sure that the plan is aligned with her new year goals. Now new year goals are something I do every year, whether or not I complete them is a different matter.

So here we go. Now these might be a little vague as I still haven’t got a full picture as to how I am going to go about these goals for the next five years, but these are defiantly things I want to be starting this year in some way…

(My Five year plan created 09/03/2020)

  • Write a book
  • Have a full filling job, preferably something history related, that is varied, creative and inspires people (maybe freelance?)
  • Get married or at least engaged to someone I truly love and who wants the same as me
  • Have kids
  • Own a property / have a mortgage
  • Grow my channels
  • Travel more (maybe go on a girls holiday)
  • Keep learning and growing as a person (this can also include courses)

A lot of my goals tend to be career/work related, go figure.

So looking at this list I can think of a few first steps I need to take to get the ball rolling, and those are, for the book just start, for the job apply for other jobs and maybe apply for courses that might help with the job, for my love life I need to actual put myself out there, which makes me feel a little weird if I am honest, and for my channels growth, consistency. But the beauty of a plan no matter how vague is it can be altered at any point, but it can also give you a focus, a direction.

I want to know from you though, do you make plans? or is planning not your thing? and if you do plan, how do you go about it?

X Kayleigh X

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