New way of life (for the time being)

Well hello there, how you all doing?

I know in these times it can be difficult to keep up the moral. I myself have been struggling with my mental health, and yesterday was my first official day of staying home.

I work in a school normally so I will still be needing to go in. Our school has done a rota system for the children who will still need somewhere to go, but until it is my turn to work I am to stay home, oh the joys. Normally staying in all the time wouldn’t bother me, if it was my choice to do so, but hey we have to think of the health of the nation/world.

So I decided to share with you some of the things I have been doing to keep my mind occupied.

Now I know there are a lot of posts out there that are talking about the new working from home schedule and what you need to do such as

  • Have a morning routine: get dresses, have breakfast, have a designated work space
  • Stay healthy: exercise, healthy snacks, stay hydrated
  • Don’t over do it: have breaks, know when to stop

all fantastic information for staying productive. However whats missing is mental health, and personal well being.

So some of the things I’m going to mention might help with the head…


I know we need to know whats going on and that’s fine, but please don’t watch it all the time, everyday, gathering all the doom and gloom information, if you can get updates from friends and family, but try not to get sucked in to it. We are not wired to deal with all the negativity of the world, so stop feeding your head with it because if anything it can leave you feeling scared and paranoid, so get your update and move on, seriously.

  • Escape

Read books, watch your shows, play videos games. Just do anything to escape from reality, that is what they are there for, to take you out of the here and now. Just remember to try and break up your day with other things like exercise, because other wise hours will go by before you’ve even realised your hungry, not good.

  • Work on personal projects

This ties in to escape and the above being productive. Do you have a personal project you just never seemed to have the time for, well now you do. So why not use it to at least get the ball rolling on those projects. Do you want to learn a language? write a book? start a bog? learn an instrument? do an online course? now is the time for you to be able to start. I myself have started using my time to get my first draft of a story written, and have even gotten back into working on the things I enjoy such as filming and photography, I have also started looking into online courses.

  • Get organised

They say a messy home, a messy mind or at least something to that effect. Use this time to sort though everything from cupboards, to clothes, to books, everything. You will be surprised how accomplished you will feel after sorting through all the crap that’s built over the years. Donate books and clothes to important causes that you support, recycle all those unwanted papers, throw away all those broken/out of date items. You will also be surprised by what you actually don’t need.

  • Breath and slow down

This is the most important one guys. Just breath, relax, meditate, dance, colour, take a walk in nature (within the rules and regulations), its amazing knowing you are allowed to finally slow down. Meditation, and colouring are forms of keeping your mind present, it isn’t worrying about what ifs because it is focused on the now, and not on the negative now either.

Also know that it is OK to feel shit about the situation. I know a lot of people get on their high horse about the way people apparently should feel, but dictating to people that their feelings are of no important’s in regards to someone who’s maybe sick, ultimately means you are saying that, that person is not important.


I feel really shit and down about the situation, I am gutted that events I have paid for and have been looking forward to have been either cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. I am sad that I can’t see my friends, I am someone who needs intimacy and to connect with people, its how I function. I know it can be worse, it can always be worse but allow yourself to feel what you feel, if you need to scream and shout then do it, and don’t let anyone stop you. We are humans, we’re not machines built with no emotion.

I hope this helps in some small way, and know this wont be forever. As long as we do as we are told, the virus will eventually pass. It has for China

Stay safe

Love Kayleigh


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