Time to Walk Away

Oh bloody hell!

I am shocked and appalled with myself.

Sigh. Basically last night I was watching back in time for the weekend with my mum, now we love the back in time series because they take families back through a number of decades over a space of a few weeks and introduce them to, the food, fashion, entertainment, technology of those times. Last night we watched the 80’s and the 90’s and we learnt that the 80’s were the start of the modern world, the world where technology dominates our lives, and our jobs trickle into our personal life. Not good!

As the teens of this household were loving the new tech, the parents where starting to feel sad at the fact they were no longer doing family time as we once knew it. In the 90’s the mum got a mobile phone and the teens were shocked that, that’s exactly what it was, a phone, thbecause in their everyday life the phone is everything, a phone, a console, a camera, a mini computer in your hand, and I mentioned to my mum (as well as just thinking out loud) yes and we are bloody glued to these little squares. The eldest teenage was shocked at the fact that making a call to a friend in a call box would roughly be around 50p in today’s money, and she said how she talks to her friends about owt and nowt, for around two hours which worked out to around £30 if you were doing that in a call box in the 80’s. Mind blowing.

But the way they talked about mobiles, and me voicing my thoughts on the subject got me thinking, actually how long do I spend on my mini computer. According to my phone the week of me posting this so 08/06/2020 – 14/06/2020 I have spent 33 hours on my phone, with 13 hours and 13 mins of that time spent on Instagram alone.

That’s crazy. But I also know why that is, I get sucked into the black hole of scrolling. I go onto Instagram for a purpose, or to see the latest post from a YouTuber I like, and then one thing leads to another, and suddenly I’m looking at kittens being cute.

But be that as it may, spending 33 hours on my phone is not healthyHuawei-P10-Lite-Review-021-intro, and I constantly find myself reaching for my phone to check if I am loved, even if I leave me phone for a couple of seconds I panic at the thought I may have missed someone. But shocker alert, I am not actually that popular, and there’s nothing worse than thinking your loved only to find out your message is from domino’s or something, (sobs quietly to myself).

So what I plan to do is, I am setting myself the challenge of leaving my phone alone. My aim is to only check it on a evening before I call it a night to see if I have messages that need replying to and to set an alarm, and that is it. I think I may also charge it out of reach, so I don’t get the urge to keep reaching for it. I am giving myself the week to see how I get on, and I will get back to you.

Hopefully I will manage to get some work done, or do some more reading, because I don’t like this new normal, I am a child of the 90s and a teen of the early 2000s, even though I got my first mobile phone when I was 13 I wasn’t glued to it, and you were limited to how many messages you could send hence brb, k, lol, text language. My addiction to my phone seemed to have started in 2015 when I first got Instagram, and it has been down hill since then. So hopefully I can send myself back to a time when I wouldn’t panic because my phone wasn’t on me, as I left the house, or get paranoid at the thought I may have missed someones call.

So wish me luck as I try and send myself back in time, to when the mobile didn’t dominate my life 🙂

x Kayleigh x

P.s. What are your thought on technology in this modern world? Are we getting too reliant on it?


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