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Hello, Hello

I would like to first start off by saying that I failed my challenge I set myself in my last post. Now that I have fulfilled your curiosity on that, lets get onto this post.

Recently I have been feeling inspired, and in some ways I guess you could say magical. Let me elaborate, basically I have just caught up on a back log of videos of a spiritual YouTuber I watch called Kalyn Nicholson, but not only has she inspired me but a girl I follow on Instagram has also inspired me called fromthecottagegarden.

They have both just helped my heart to feel lighter strangely, and they didn’t really do anything different or speak any magical words, but yet they have sparked something inside me that I guess I have pushed down, ignored or maybe didn’t even realize was so strong to begin with.

Go on then what exactly have they done?

Well when it came to Kalyn’s videos she mostly just vented about her life and her self growth, but her journey and her spirituality is what sparked something in me. She is all about feeling lighter, and signs.

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Kalyn’s Image from her blog 

You will often see her with a pack of tarot cards, or reading a book on spirituality and growth, and she also does meditation and yoga, and that was it, that is what sparked inside me the want to learn to do yoga, meditation and to embrace the spirituality’s that make my heart sing. I have done some yoga at work over the last couple of weeks, but I haven’t really practiced it at home, but I think since this awakening I need to change that. I need to also ask myself why do I want to do these thing? this is a difficult question, because me head goes I think….. but when it comes to questions like this I know I need to sit with them and let my heart answer it. My heart is going I want to be at peace with myself, I want to be happy, balanced and light. Does that sound silly, and new agey? I don’t know, but then again that’s my head trying to understand it, and when something excites or inspires you its not the head that reacts, its the gut, the heart, the soul if you believe in souls.

A screen shot of her post 

When it came to Instagram it was simply a post she made about her botanic journaling, and that sent a wave through me. Botanic notes or journaling is something I have been thinking of for a little while now, but I kept debating with myself the actual point of it, and argued that I am not living in the past. But since seeing someone from the 21st century who isn’t doing it as a school project just casually keeping a botanic journal, its defiantly something I am going to start doing, because at the end of the day you journal for yourself, no one else, so I should just do it.

The signs for me to go on a spiritual journey just keep coming. I have recently started reading a magazine that I’ve had a while now and it mentioned some wellbeing events that would normally be going on, such as and (which takes place in august), this stuff isn’t new. I have been drawn to these sort of things for years now, but never really acted on them. The only time I have ever really done something some what spiritual for myself was when I was in Thailand last year, I went to a yoga class, and then went to one when I was back home, but that is it. Another question I need to ask myself is whats stopping me? Me!

I don’t know why though, maybe my head is winning the argument by saying its all fooey, and silly nonsense, or maybe its going yeah that be nice, but meh work. Probably the latter if I am honest with myself. But not anymore! I am sick of being in a non productive, unmotivated, unhappy state and believe it or not that’s not really worked for me, so maybe I should shake it up and get my zen on. Practice yoga with Adriene on YouTube, be consistent with my meditation, read, grow and see what happens.


So wish me luck on my spiritual journey, I hope I make myself proud.

What are your thoughts on spiritual journey’s? have you been on or are you on one yourself?

x Kayleigh x

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