Time to Walk Away

Oh bloody hell! I am shocked and appalled with myself. Sigh. Basically last night I was watching back in time for the weekend with my mum, now we love the back in time series because they take families back through a number of decades over a space of a few weeks and introduce them to,... Continue Reading →

Day 2 of 9

Day 2 of the 9 day water challenge down. Today has been interesting with staying on track with my 9 day challenge. Today I was back at work and drinking water in replace of all other drinks has again been fine, snacking wise.....well that's defiantly an area I need to work more on, in regards... Continue Reading →

9 Day Water Challenge

Recently I watched a quick little video on YouTube which talked about the benefits of drinking water. Some of these benefits involve weight loss, youthful looking skin, cleansing the body by flushing all negative toxins out and many more. It mentioned in the video that if you replace all other drinks with water then you... Continue Reading →

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